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Introducing Bebopper, the first third-party MP3 player for the Kyocera 7135 smartphone. Bebopper is designed from the very beginning to make playing MP3s on the Kyocera 7135 as simple as controlling a dedicated MP3 player. In fact the standard interface isn't much different from the ones commonly found on the market today. The basic on-screen interface is one you're sure to recognize with all the common controls easily reachable with one-hand using either the physical buttons or LCD screen. We've even placed the time of day, battery level and phone signal strength where you can see it at any time. But enough about the display. You want to know what you're getting.


  • External volume control: Adjust playback volume using the external volume buttons.
  • External track selection: Select next or previous track with external volume buttons.
  • One-handed operation: Assign functions to main hard keys.
  • Multiple playlists: Create up to 40 playlists of 200 tracks apiece for each expansion card.
  • M3U support: Create text-based M3U playlists on a desktop computer and import.
  • Pause playback with the headset mute/call button. (Requires compatible headset.*)
  • Shuffle control: Honest. You won't hear a track a second time until it loops around again.
  • Automatic volume correction maintains an even volume between tracks.
  • DynaBass feature accentuates bass response.
  • Auto-resume playback when a phone call ends.
  • Auto-start playback when starting application.
  • Audio level bars displayed on screen.
  • Alarm Clock mode: Schedule a daily alarm set to music.
  • Playlist manager Allows reordering, deleting and adding tracks from any directory.
  • Global Find support: Search for tracks by name from almost any application.
  • ID3v2 tagging: Read detailed information from files using current informal standard.

System Requirements: Kyocera 7135 Smartphone; SD or MMC card (sold separately); compatible headset for private listening and pause control.

* Headsets tested for compatiblity include the Kyocera 7135 Hands-Free Stereo Headset, and Cool Cat's Custom Stereo Headset.

Copyright ©2003 - 2008, Jonathan M. Bell